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We’ve made it easy get around South Korea with strategically placed pick up locations. We offer airport car rentals and have branches in major cities and at popular tourist destinations. Your S rental cars are maintained to internationally agreed standards, offering a better and safer ride, while the variety in our fleet offers plenty of choice. To enjoy your rental experience to the full, we have compiled helpful tips on landing better car rental deals in South Korea, driving in the country and suggestions for your itinerary with insights on places of interest to visit.

Age Requirement to Rent a Car in Korea

If you are planning a trip to Korea, you may need to know the age requirement to rent a car in Korea. Although the legal age for driving automobiles is 18 and 16 for motorcycles, the age to rent a car is higher. Not all rental companies in Korea may have the same requirements, but most rental cars have similar qualifications.
According to a Visit Korea, rental terms for most companies require that the driver must be at least 21 years old with a driving history of one year or more.

AVIS lists specific age qualifications for car rentals in Korea:

AVIS Korea Age Requirements
• 21 years old, with at least one year of driving experience to rent a compact economy car
• 26 years old, with at least three years of driving experience to rent a full-size 4WD
• 26 years old, with at least three years of driving experience to rent an SUV/RV, mini bus carrying up to 9 or 12 passengers
• 30 years old, with at least five years of driving experience to rent an SUV/RV, mini bus carrying up to 15 passengers

Driving Tips

South Korea has an excellent modern road network, maintained to a high standard. Main cities are connected by an extensive network of tolled roads which have few exits so plan in advance. For those planning a road trip getting a Hi-pass is recommended so you do not have to stop at tollbooths. Driving in big cities like Seoul and Busan can be more stressful than the rest of the country. However, road signs are posted in both Korean and English, so it’s rather easy to navigate your way around. On duty police often use their flashing lights while driving in their cars.

Tips for driving in South Korea:
• Speed limits are generally 60 km/h on regular roads and between 80-100 km/h on expressways.
• Be aware speed limits on expressways are controlled by speed cameras.
• Seatbelts are mandatory and mobile phone use is only allowed with a hand-free kit.
• Painted blue lines, often on the left side of the road, are bus lanes and buses are given priority in these lanes daily from 9 am-11 pm on expressways and during rush hours on other roads.
• Children under six need to use a child seat.

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